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Friday, July 4, 2008

Linville Falls

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Greetings from Linville Falls

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Road Trip!!!

Greetings from the I-40/I-85 interchange (Hi, Mandakini!)!

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

As Promised...

Here's some pics of Jake from his ice skating lesson at the Cary Ice House today. The lead counselor, Tina, let Timmy and me don ice skates and join Jake on the rink.

Jake is a very careful kid -- ergo, he is a very careful skater. He did a great job negotiating the little course Brianna set up for the beginners. But he's also very very slow...the other kids attempt to put some speed in their course, but also would fall down quite a bit. The other kids didn't mind falling, but I guess it's something Jake doesn't care to do.

Jake proudly told us that he only fell one time all week!


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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The current battery count. This takes care of all the boys' toys.

This weekend I'll take care of the remote controls and spare

I've had to upgrade to a larger storage container.

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Monkey Joe's

Out of nowhere, about two months ago, a Monkey Joe's opened in Cary, one of those bouncy house centers.  Incidentally, it's around the corner from a place called Jumpin' Beans, the exact same thing.
I took Timmy today to meet some of his former preschool classmates and he had a blast!! He was incredibly well-behaved, no hitting or any mal-behaviors. He bumped heads with another child at one point and Timmy was in tears asking "Can we go home now?", but after a couple cookies, he was recharged and ready to continue on!

I've been showing a lot of Timmy pictures lately, tomorrow I'm hoping to visit the Ice House while Jake's in his skating lesson and will try to get some photos of him. Today apparently Jake did a little obstacle course on the ice, I'm impressed!

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"Look at me! I'm you!"

Yes. That's what he said when he got into my pile of laundry this

I'll have to upload the other hilarious poses he did when I broke out
the camera.


Monday, June 30, 2008

A More Substantial Post

Hi friends!

Okay, okay, I'm sure you're growing sick of my super-brief postings about the nitnoid things that I'm doing to prepare the house for the move.

Not interesting!

Unfortunately, there isn't too much interesting stuff going on during the week. This week, Jake is in an ice skating camp. It's crossed my mind to sneak over tomorrow while he's on the ice and grab a couple of pictures...he said he's having a "pretty good time" and today he was skating on his own already, so I'm guessing he might have quite a bit of confidence by his last day, Thursday.

Every weekend has been full of family activities. As is typical just before one of our moves, Dave and I attempt to cram in as much activity as this case, we're getting all the North Carolina we can! This past Sunday we went to the beach with the Goldmans. I also have some pictures from our trip, but they aren't captioned yet. And as always, Maryann's are much better!

Saturday was the Goldman's annual "Patriotic Party", which is placed somewhere in the 2nd half of June between Memorial Day and Independence Day. This is our 3rd year taking part, and as usual, it was a blast!

(Enjoy this precious picture I caught with Maryann's camera of the boys sharing a Sit 'n Spin...for once they weren't fighting!)

This weekend, we're joining the Warlicks on an overnight trip to the mountains and Charlotte. We're planning a visit to the Linville Falls, then on to Charlotte where we're planning a tour of Lowe's Motor Speedway and then spending the afternoon at the Discovery Place museum.

And the following weekend will be our last Durham Bulls game (sniff sniff!). We'll join the Warlicks for that too.

Dave's dissertation work is in the final stages; after the Air Force gives its public release blessing, he gets to release it to the graduate school for official publication. That will probably happen next week.

He was excited to receive an e-mail today from the editor of the Monthly Weather Review, one of our field's premier peer-reviewed journals (think New England Journal of Medicine for meteorologists!) asking to review an article related to weather phenomena in Korea. Wow! Dave, reviewing MWR articles!

I couldn't be more proud!

So on tomorrow's docket:
1.) Buy some bright-colored sticky Post-It Notes to start marking the "Do Not Pack" items.
2.) Schedule canceling utilities in NC
3.) Schedule turning on utilities in NE
4.) Keep Timmy happy. We might take a trip to the pool, maybe I can do the cancellations/turning ons from the pool deck? What a life!

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168 oz.

That's how much beer I just dumped down our kitchen sink.

My current mission: To combine the contents of our garage fridge with our kitchen fridge. The garage fridge is moving with us to NE, while the kitchen fridge will stay here, so I need to get the thing emptied and thawed before Monday.

Most of the contents of the garage fridge was beverages, plus any overstocks on frozen foods (like spare whole fryer chickens and frozen waffles). So beer, soda and juice boxes.

Last summer, towards the end of our Ft. Fisher vacation, Dave and Andy bought a 24-pack of Coors Light.  I think Dave was thinking, "Hey, Andy's from Colorado, maybe he drinks it." Nope.

So we kept the extra cans in our fridge from the end of our vacation last July until now. I just noticed that there's a 2 Sep 07 expiration date on the cans.

14 cans, 12 oz. per can = 168 oz. Down the drain.

Alcohol abuse at the max!

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