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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our Disney Cruise, Part 5: Disney Art Throughout The Ship

Disney artwork graces the passageways and staterooms of the Disney Dream. There's even a full-sized art gallery on board, where guests can purchase original and prints of Disney art. Photo by Flickr user Casajump, used with permission.
I couldn't get over the beautiful Disney storyboard and concept art throughout the Disney Dream. If you sail on a Disney Cruise Line ship, make sure you take the time to stroll around the enjoy the art.

And if you want to take some of the art home with you, pay a visit to the Vista Gallery. This is where guests can browse original Disney art and pieces related to the Disney Dream and Castaway Cay. Many of the pieces are for sale, and several are featured in a silent auction. In addition, popular prints are sold for a nominal cost and make very elegant cruise souvenirs.
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Disney Cruise, Part 4: Biometrics and Photography

I took many cute pictures of the boys playing at the beach at Castaway Cay. Disney shipboard professional photographers wandered the island taking pictures also. Because we were in the water, I didn't have a Key to the World card with which the photographer could associate the picture. "That's okay", he says. How can that be?
Here's what the professional photographer captured just a few minutes later.  Thanks to biometrics, this otherwise "unassociated" picture found its way into our stateroom account folio.
Some of you might say, "Wow that's really cool!" and some of you might say, "Wow, that's really creepy!"

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our Disney Cruise, Part 3: The Animator's Palate

I had heard SO MUCH about the Animator's Palette restaurant on Disney Cruises. Boy was I in for a surprise on the Disney Dream!
Last summer, before my husband and I had booked our cruise, I had received some recent gouge on taking Disney cruises from a couple of Air Force family friends. One of the families' favorite parts of the cruise was their dinner experience at the Animator's Palate restaurant.

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Our Disney Cruise, Part 2: The Midship Detective Agency

The "Midship Detective Agency" on the Disney Dream lets the kids interact with the Enchanted Art on the ship to solve a mystery. 
One of the unique features of the Disney Dream is their 22 pieces of "Enchanted Art" scattered among all of the artwork on their fourteen decks. In a Harry Potter-esque manner, random pictures on the wall will come to life! This is fun for the kids and adults alike!

I will share more of the stunning Disney artwork in a future post.  Today I'll be discussing the Enchanted Art and the interactive game you can play with it.  Read more about how the Enchanted Art works here.  My favorite were two pictures of scenes from Peter Pan.  It's a pirate ship in one picture, a fort in the other.  The pictures hang side-by-side.  The ship is firing cannon shots from his picture and it hits the fort in the other.  Then the fort returns fire!  I'm kicking myself for not having taken pictures of it.

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Our Disney Cruise, Part 1: A List of "The Little Things"

I know most of you knew that we took a Disney cruise about 2 weeks ago.  And perhaps you were wondering why I wasn't writing about it?  It's because I had promised several posts about our trip and I wanted to get those posts out there first.  It's easy enough now to translate the text over to my own blog, which I'm going to do now.  I've drafted 7 posts about the cruise, and they aren't the normal "Here's how our cruise was" type of posts.  Enjoy!

Santa brought the family a 4-night Disney cruise vacation this year! The trip happened to coincide with Timmy's birthday. In a very uncharacteristic move, Dave and I agreed to take the boys out of school for a solid week and drove out to Port Canaveral, Florida, the homeport to the Disney Dream, Disney Cruise Line's most-recently christened* ship.

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