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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Don't You Hate it When... buy ice cream and your freezer freezes is SO hard you can't enjoy it?

Yesterday I bought a pint of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream at the commissary. It's VERY rare for me to do this -- I last had this over a year ago! So put it in the freezer, and I fell asleep last evening before I remembered that I had it.

So tonight after my microwave lasagna dinner I figured I'd have some.

Hard as a rock.


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Above All.

Greetings from my Annual Tour at Shaw AFB, SC!!! For two weeks out of the year I'm put on orders to work in my "real" job -- the position that I'm trained to do should I get activated full time.

For these two weeks, I put on an "active duty" hat and work on Director-of-Operation tasks with the full-time active duty Director of Operations for the weather squadron my unit supports. I've been gainfully employed on various tasks that I could manage in my two week stint...nothing too long-term, which is nice. I got to talk on the phone with someone in Egypt this morning :-)

This week was also the launch of the US Air Force's newest ad campaign: "Above All."

They mean "Above All Adversaries", by the way, not "Above All Other U.S. Armed Services".

I've already seen the commercials on Foxnews and the USA Network: "Meet SSgt Jones of the Air Force CYBER-COMMAND!" I guess if I wanted to sell the Air Force to a young man who really enjoys, say, playing his Wii, showing someone fighting our cyber-enemies will do it!

Based on what I've read about the campaign, we can expect to see ads aimed towards parents and other adults who influence kids' lives...similar to those Army Strong commercials where the announcer is saying, "Parents, if your child wants to discuss opportunities in the Army, please listen."

If anyone is reading this who has a kid considering service in the Armed Forces, please do listen. We need good people.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thank the Pancake

This morning, while Jake was eating his pancakes, the tooth simply fell out. Quick, painless. Without incident. It's TINY!

Here's our happy guy. He had reported the tooth loose on Tuesday.

From 2008 02 24 Ja...

So thanks to those who took part in our latest poll -- he'll get a dollar under his pillow tonight from the Tooth Fairy!



Okay everyone, put on your black ties, full-length gowns and diamonds, it's Oscar night ladies and gentlemen!

I LOVE watching the Oscars. Sure, you could make several arguments about the political messages infused into the monologues and that perhaps the awards themselves are fixed. I don't care about all that. I tend to feel that the actors/actresses that are nominated are deserving enough, and that the films nominated are worth watching, too.

My favorite part? The ladies in the BEAUTIFUL DRESSES and the guys dressed to the nines. There's just something about those dresses that puts a smile on my face, no matter what.

So there.