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Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Worms Are Try to Escape!

I didn't get any pictures because I had to work quickly. This morning I lifted the lid to the worm bin and dozens of the worms had dripped off the underside of the lid all over the floor!

Not all of them, but plenty. Timmy got a kick out this!

Anyway, I figured I'd try to improve their habitat a little and added some sweets to the top of the bin. Just a little bit: a couple banana peels and a couple slices of tomato that weren't used for burgers a couple nights ago.

I put back the strays, added the sweets, and replaced the lid. I'll check again later this afternoon and see if they're happier.

According to this website, some escape shenanigans are normal and should subside in a week or so unless there's a bigger problem that I'll need to further investigate.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Worms Are Here!

I'm actually following through with this cockamamie idea!

From 2009 08 26 Red Wiggler Worms in Bin

Yes, that's my hand holding those worms, and no, I'm not squeamish about it in the least.

I had ordered my 2 lbs. of red wiggler worms from Gardener's Supply last week, and they arrived this afternoon! It was just a few minutes before Jacob came home from school, so I waited until both boys were home before I put them in the bin.

It's somewhat anti-climatic. You dump the worms into the prepared bin, and they burrow down out of the light.

That's it.

It'll be many weeks before I have anything else to say about this, but here are some pictures of what things are like in our basement for now. After I took these pictures I mixed in the soil-like material with the shredded paper and cardboard, put on the lid and walked away:

From 2009 08 26 Red Wiggler Worms in Bin

From 2009 08 26 Red Wiggler Worms in Bin

From 2009 08 26 Red Wiggler Worms in Bin

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"Momma Said There'll Be Days Like This...."

First, thanks for answering the poll -- I guess changing/washing linens once-per-week is the standard and I need to be better at it :-)

Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

I'm at it again.

Now that the school year and academic year is in full swing, it's time to get involved in stuff again.

"What stuff? What else could you possibly pile on?"

Lots. Jacob's on his way to being the Spawn of the Overachiever with soccer, piano lessons and Cub Scouts all starting up in September. Thankfully soccer is only 8 weeks. I know how much Jacob loves it...he'd give up everything else to fit in those 8 weeks of soccer!

The piano lessons and Cub Scouts will be new for Jacob and I wonder how he'll do with each of them. I'm certain the scouts will be fun, he loves camping and learning about nature. The piano lessons? much as Jacob loves music, I predict a struggle when I ask him to practice for 15-20 minutes every day. He's already gotten a head start on his books (Faber and Faber "Piano Adventures") but it's on his own and I think once a schedule is attached to it we'll see resistance.

Then again, I could be wrong about all this and he'll embrace it like a champ!

Timmy's going to be involved in soccer after Labor Day weekend, and I'm debating piano lessons for him, too. He might be on the young side in some respects, but he really enjoys playing with our piano (we have a digital piano) and his teacher still has a couple spaces available.

As for me, I start my new AF Reserves job next month, plus I've taken on secretary duties for our local AMS Chapter. Last week I also offered to become webmaster for the Spouse's Group where Dave works. I'm looking forward to serving all of these functions as well as I can.

Right now I have an evil cold. Nothing super-debilitating, but enough that I can't fill my days with activity the way I usually want to. This week I wanted to get some items repaired (our cuckoo clock, a necklace), plus sharpen our knives, plus clean out our basement storage. None of that is getting done this week, I'm afraid.

I can keep up with the bare minimum this week (laundry, cooking, keeping the house straight), hopefully next week will be better. Planning for Jacob's birthday party is forthcoming, along with Timmy's back-to-preschool activities just before Labor Day.

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