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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Stoopid Tired...

I'm stoopid tired again.

It started with another yard sale this morning. So once again I was up at 6am on a Saturday. It was lousy this time around: $20 in 3 hours. Compared to $300+ in 6 hours last Saturday. We ended up giving away our two largest items -- Dave's old model train layout benchwork and a La-z-Boy recliner, since they went to people we knew. I guess my double Baby Jogger's goin' on Craig's List this week.

At 10:45am we took the boys to a birthday party at one of those bouncy-house centers, got them there a little after 11am, where the Bucklers (their daughter was also a guest at the party) kept the boys while Dave and I took off for...

Well, Dave did most of the drinking. He behaved very well, I'm proud of him! I enjoyed some tastes for the first 90 minutes or so...over 100 beers to taste! I was definitely most impressed with the Warsteiner flavored malt liquors. The lemon flavored "mix" tasted like Mountain Dew with a kick! Yum! I'm not as much a beer girl so I was okay wrapping things up early on so I could drive Dave home.

Got to enjoy some fried dill pickles! A distinctly North Carolina thing...

It was a great time, except for when I was buzzed I charged right into a porta-potty and went potty before realizing there was no toilet tissue! EEEWWW!

I did come out of there with a cool Blue Ridge Brewing Co. t-shirt featuring this pic of their Hurricane Hefeweizen label, which I thought was neat.

After a yummy fried seafood dinner with the boys, and the boys went to bed, I tackled cleaning closets. Stuffing linens and clothing into Space Bags and hauling them down into our near-cleaned out garage shelves. Just now finished. My closet looks pretty darned good now. Let's hope potential home buyers think the same thing.

Tomorrow? Mowing the lawn, shampooing carpets, grocery shopping and helping Dave package up his model train layout to store it while the house is on the market.

Okay -- while I was writing up this post, I must have downed about 10 Hershey's Cookies & Cream Kisses. Oh so yummy in my tummy, but I must stop now!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How Many Products Does it Take to Screw Up Your Fridge?

That's my fridge. I love it. I think stainless steel is sexy.

But...over the past 3 years, my boys have had a field day playing with their letter magnets, their Thomas and Friends magnets and their keeping-up-with-their-chores magnets.

So the front is now pretty beat up.

Again, in anticipation of the house going on the market next week, I've been cleaning up the clutter, which includes removing all the magnets and pictures. So I'm left with all these scratches on the front of the fridge in plain view:

The area in question is closest to the door handle. The other light further to the right spot is a reflection.

I've use these products to try to clean up those scratches, to no avail:

Yes, you even see a Scotch Brite pad and a 380-grit sanding block! Those were BAD.

The stainless steel cleaners do just that, clean.

The Scratch-Out in the yellow bottle is actually for automotive uses, it didn't seem to make a difference on our big scratches. Maybe I'm not using it right?

The "winner" in this batch, unfortunately, is the WD-40, which merely cleans up the scratches enough that they aren't so glaring. If you scrutinize the surface, all the scratches are still there.

If you have a personal favorite for keeping your stainless steel scratch-free, do tell!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wax On, Wax Off!

Today I was continuing to prepare for our house to hit the market by applying Olde English oil to all my wood furniture.

I guess this was the first time I had ever oiled all the furnishings at once, for I realized, 90 minutes later, that we have a LOT of wood furniture.

All of the living room, dining room, master bedroom, both kids' bedrooms. All wood.

My arms are quite sore, which led me to think about this:

Enjoy the trip down memory lane...

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Monday, April 21, 2008

My Kids Were "Borrowed"

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"Where've You Been, Woman???"

Okay, so I fell off the scope for a bit.

This week was pretty darned busy for me, so a couple things had to fall by the wayside, the blog being the first thing. Photographs of my life were next.

Then paying attention to my boys, the poor babies.

This past weekend I had a pretty big yard sale. So for the 10-14 days leading up, I had been working room-by-room, assessing and clearing out extraneous crap.

Sometimes they were old items, like books Dave and I had both read. Our Lazy Boy chair with a gaping hole in the upholstery right at the crotch. The too-small Crock Pot. The Rival 2-cup Hot Pot from college. Air Force BDUs, stripped of the patches (10 -- count 'em -- TEN sets!).

Sometimes they were things we'd outgrown: infant toys, size 2T clothing, double jogging stroller, diaper pail/changing pad (YES!), baby monitor

Some of our items were simply excessive: Did I really need 3 tricycles?

But many of our things for sale were items that I didn't trust would make it through another move. Several of our Little People play sets, for example. They were large and I could see many of the plastic pieces getting crushed between here and Nebraska.

How about one of those garden hose wind-up reel thingies? Wouldn't make it to Nebraska, either!

Anyway, Saturday was the big day, and we ended up making over $300! I was impressed! $50 of that is a wash because of my hefty advertising budget: online, print and signage in the neighborhood.

Next weekend is the neighborhood yard sale and I'll put the remants of the stuff out this Saturday for a little bit...everything else will go to a local thrift store in Fuquay-Varina.

So I've been busy with all that.

The realtor was here over the weekend, also. She and her partner did a walk-through and made some suggestions on how to stage the house appropriately. I was disappointed to hear that they prefer all my horizontal surfaces (dresser tops, mantle, tabletops) EMPTY...I'm currently putting away my Asian knick-knacks and Hummel figurines.

We also took down our swingset. It was an illegal swingset. We bought the house with the illegal swingset, then about a year after we bought the house, we received a letter from the property manager indicating we had an illegal "improvement" to our property and it had to be removed immediately. Dave appealed the letter and eventually got approval for the structure, but the letter of approval states that the swingset needs to be removed when we sell the house.

So as not to mislead any potential owners, Dave solicited to some of our yard sale customers that the swingset was theirs for the taking if they could help remove it and haul it away. In about an hour on Saturday afternoon, it was gone! Wow!

What of the Weather Station that was mounted on the swingset? It's still in our backyard in an alternate location. The data is still pretty accurate, except the wind measurements are taken about 2 feet closer to the ground than before.

As of today, I'm finally calming down a little. This week I can relax's too soon to start the uber-cleaning cycle before the house goes on the market (why bother? the kids will dirty it up again!). By this weekend I'll be ramping up again...


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