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Saturday, January 1, 2011


"So -- first Yoshi?  Now Ninja???  What's next?  Ginsu?"

Yep -- this will be a more positive commentary than the Yoshi review, I promise!

Dave and I got a nice generous Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card from Dave's brother for Christmas.  Earlier this week we took a trip to Pensacola to run some errands -- which included a fail attempt at dinner at Bonefish Grill, boo!  After eating at Moe's Southwest Grill instead, we saw that we were just a couple doors down from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  So we stopped in and picked up a couple of much-needed kitchen accessories.  A burr coffee grinder and a new blender.

The blender is what I'll be discussing today.  My 15-year-old Oster basic-of-basic blenders was ready to kick the bucket: the motor starts to stink if it runs for too long, and the gasket sealing the bottom had some cracks and therefore leaks.

After pondering favorites such as the Magic Bullet (too small for mass quantities of margaritas or daquiris), we opted for the Ninja Master Prep Professional.  It looked like a, well, different blender concept.  Instead of the motor and blade pivoting underneath your food, it's on top.

So here's what we brought home:

From 2010 12 30 Ninja Blender

This includes a single motor unit, plus three Lexan-type plastic pitchers in different sizes. Each of these pitchers includes its own blade apparatus:
From 2010 12 30 Ninja Blender

From 2010 12 30 Ninja Blender

So each pitcher has a special lid, with a small hole in the top, this is to fit the motor apparatus on top:
From 2010 12 30 Ninja Blender
From 2010 12 30 Ninja Blender
From 2010 12 30 Ninja Blender

And here's the entire setup:
From 2010 12 30 Ninja Blender

Not your normal blender, that's for sure. It claims to "crush ice into snow" and "blend frozen fruit into creamy smoothies".  I checked out some reviews on, which were mostly very positive, with the occasional 1-2 star review (average review of 4 stars).  I noticed the same complaints from those negative reviews: the plastic fittings for the motor to turn the blades had shredded or rounded off.  Hopefully I can exercise some extra care in that area and make sure the motor is seated properly before turning it on.

The very next morning I broke out one of my frozen smoothie fruit kits and whipped up a smoothie.  It worked like a champ!  It blended up very quickly and without large chunks.  I think they have something there with the design of the bowl/pitcher...with little blades every 2-3" in the container, there's nowhere for the large chunks of food to hide.  I'm not quite sold on there being only one speed ("On") but apparently you have to show some finesse with how to pulse versus steadily run the motor to have things working right.

I've yet to use it as a food processor or to crush ice, assume that if those experiences suck enough, you'll hear from me about it.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Yoshi Truth...

Opened up my Yoshi Blade...seemed to cut up an apple well enough.  But then I read the care instructions, which I've transcribed here for your reading pleasure.  Remember, this is NOT a metal blade, but a ceramic one.  Still, some of these warnings are a bit extreme...I'm kind of miffed about not using it to "chop".

"The Yoshi Blade is for slicing only -- not for chopping."

"Use Yoshi Blade on a plastic of wood cutting board only."

"DO NOT use the Yoshi Blade or the side of the blade to chop food"

"DO NOT use the Yoshi Blade to cut frozen food"

"DO NOT use the Yoshi Blade to cut hard cheeses"

"DO NOT use the Yoshi Blade for carving poultry or meat with bones"

"DO NOT cut on ceramic plates, marble, stone, glass or tile"

"DO NOT bend, twist, pry or apply force on the tip or side of the blade."

"DO NOT use Yoshi blade to smash garlic or other foods with the side of the blade"

"DO NOT place Yoshi Blade in or near open flame or heat source, as ceramic blade will get hot"

"Yoshi Blade is NOT dishwasher safe. Hand wash only in warm water with mild soap"

"NEVER let the Yoshi Blade soak in water for any period of time."

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This Yoshi?

No, this one:

Today I ran up to Publix, our local grocery store, for some last-minute items for chicken parmasean. While there, I came across a section with a bunch of those "As Seen on TV" gadgets...all marked down!

I very very rarely succumb to the "As Seen on TV" craze. I got Aqua Globes one as a housewarming gift, and some of that Mighty Putty to attach metal to metal (it served its purpose, it was temporary). I see the commercials all the time -- in fact, Mighty Fix It, which has been advertised a lot lately, looks intriguing to me.

But the Yoshi Blade was staring at me on that "As Seen on TV" shelf, with a sticker on the package that said "$10".

Half price, whoo hoo!

Well, not really half price. If you buy it from TV, you get two blades and two veggie peelers for $19.95 (plus S&H, which I gather is $6.99 PER knife/peeler set).

So I bought it -- I haven't opened it yet, but I've seen the commercials (which you can see here), and I'm curious about how sharp it is...and how long it'll stay sharp. I have the worst luck with good knives...

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