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168 oz.

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Monday, June 30, 2008

168 oz.

That's how much beer I just dumped down our kitchen sink.

My current mission: To combine the contents of our garage fridge with our kitchen fridge. The garage fridge is moving with us to NE, while the kitchen fridge will stay here, so I need to get the thing emptied and thawed before Monday.

Most of the contents of the garage fridge was beverages, plus any overstocks on frozen foods (like spare whole fryer chickens and frozen waffles). So beer, soda and juice boxes.

Last summer, towards the end of our Ft. Fisher vacation, Dave and Andy bought a 24-pack of Coors Light.  I think Dave was thinking, "Hey, Andy's from Colorado, maybe he drinks it." Nope.

So we kept the extra cans in our fridge from the end of our vacation last July until now. I just noticed that there's a 2 Sep 07 expiration date on the cans.

14 cans, 12 oz. per can = 168 oz. Down the drain.

Alcohol abuse at the max!

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