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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Monkey Joe's

Out of nowhere, about two months ago, a Monkey Joe's opened in Cary, one of those bouncy house centers.  Incidentally, it's around the corner from a place called Jumpin' Beans, the exact same thing.
I took Timmy today to meet some of his former preschool classmates and he had a blast!! He was incredibly well-behaved, no hitting or any mal-behaviors. He bumped heads with another child at one point and Timmy was in tears asking "Can we go home now?", but after a couple cookies, he was recharged and ready to continue on!

I've been showing a lot of Timmy pictures lately, tomorrow I'm hoping to visit the Ice House while Jake's in his skating lesson and will try to get some photos of him. Today apparently Jake did a little obstacle course on the ice, I'm impressed!

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