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Worm Update

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Worm Update

Well, it's been 10 days and this has been very fascinating! This is a great project for kids, my boys are getting a kick out of it.

I've been checking up on the worms every day or so, most days just opening the lid to make sure I don't have any more mass evacuation attempts. But every 3 days or so I would toss in a few food scraps. After tossing in some "sweets" on day 3, things seem much improved. There are usually worms crawling up the sides, but now no more than 4-5 at a time.

Those food scraps did the trick last Thursday. The worms took a couple days, but eventually all migrated towards the banana peels and tomato slices and in 48 hours, had been pretty cleared out. So on Saturday I added about 1/2 lb. of kitchen scraps: apple cores, banana peels, old lettuce and cabbage. And a couple eggs worth of shells, crumbled. I need some more guidance on how often and what techniques to use for feeding, but I'll get a system together soon enough.

Happy Worms! Enjoy some pictures from this afternoon:

From 2009 09 03 WormBin_Vermicomposting
This is the worm bin after 10 days. It's simply COVERED in worm castings now...despite adding food daily, there is no odor.

From 2009 09 03 WormBin_Vermicomposting
A closeup of the worm poop trails. Lovely, huh? This is pure compost, as good as it gets for your garden.

From 2009 09 03 WormBin_Vermicomposting
If you find some REALLY rotten food, you can find a HUGE tangle of worms. This grouping was tangled around a banana peel.

From 2009 09 03 WormBin_Vermicomposting
The top peel was added last night, the middle peel is about 3 days old, the bottom peel was from Friday.

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