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What Have I Been Up To?

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Monday, April 27, 2009

What Have I Been Up To?

Good question.

Right now, I'm enjoying Dancing With the Stars, although my enthusiasm is somewhat limited because I was away for the first 3-4 weeks. I couldn't believe that Steve-O wasn't eliminated the first week...I guess he was a better dancer than I gave him credit for...

I'm also back to a CD-burning spree. Not making new CDs, but rather going through my old college-era CDs and burning them to iTunes. With a few exceptions, the quality is doing well enough. This was something I started back in North Carolina about a year ago, but then got distracted for obvious reasons. I'm finally back and it's like lightning on my new computer! I also managed to get my backup hard drive that's still connected to my PC to backup the music 2x weekly.

Anyhow, I'm still getting the hang of things around here, starting with keeping up with all the activities the kids have: soccer, school field trips, dentist/doctor's appointments, birthday parties, etc. Dave had a train show last week that I assisted with, and this coming weekend Dave is headed to Pennsylvania to enjoy a weekend of railfanning with some friends.

From 2009 04 20 JacobTimmySoccerUniforms
Here are the boys hamming it up in their soccer uniforms last week.

From 2009 04 23 Timmy_ChildCare_GiffordFarm
Timmy's child care class went to a petting zoo and Timmy had a wonderful time!  I tagged along as a chaperone.

From 2009 04 25 DaveLayout_BurkeHS_TrainShow

Dave is on the far right in the maroon t-shirt. The "crowd" you see around his layout was typical during most of the show...he had at least 1 party there observing. Dave allowed some children to operate if it wasn't too crowded (and if the child was well-behaved). Timmy spent quite a while operating on Saturday morning while I went with Jacob to the Apple Store up the street for a Mac User's workshop.

I'm now being beckoned to help wash dishes, so I'll close here. I wish I had a little more to talk about, maybe I'll speak more about the spring cleaning I'm enduring right now, we'll see.  I had these artificial nails put on last weekend for an Air Force formal event -- I wore a DRESS! for the first time in 15 formal AF uniform!  (Pictures are forthcoming).  Anyway, the nails made it pretty difficult to type.

*Update: I just trimmed down those artificial nails.  They're acrylics, so I was nervous about taking nail clippers to them, for fear their might simply shatter, but it did well enough and now my nice nails are at a reasonable length.

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