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The BEST Banana Nut Bread!

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Monday, June 2, 2008

The BEST Banana Nut Bread!

This isn't the best picture of my latest baking creation, but hopefully it captures the quality of this recipe!

Today I made my favorite banana bread recipe. In this case, it ISN'T a Pioneer Woman recipe.

It's from my handy-dandy Betty Crocker of my wedding gifts from a billion* years ago.

*Billion = 12 1/2

Anyway, I had 3 old bananas that I wanted out of my fruit basket before I populated it with fresh non-spotted ones from Harris Teeter. (Semi-useless factoid: The ethylene gas emitted from ripe bananas hastens ripening of other fruit). So I picked up some buttermilk at the store today, and found a small stash of chopped walnuts leftover from my holiday baking.

I use a 9" long bread loaf pan, so all the batter goes into the one pan. Let it cook till the edges are VERY brown so the center is cooked through. One loaf allegedly makes FORTY-EIGHT servings. I try, but the best I can do is 40 very small pieces. Today's loaf will cut into about 36, I think.



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