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School's Out -- Let the Travel Begin!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

School's Out -- Let the Travel Begin!

In the shade of our garage, we were able to load the car in relative comfort...OUT of the 90+ degrees  at 9am!
Not only is our summer full of travel, but we couldn't even wait for school to end before taking our first trip!  Since we're taking the SUV up to PA/WV/VT next week, we're going to use the Prius to drive down for a couple days at Walt Disney World.  We took the boys out of school a half-day early.

But to easily fit two kids, two adults and our stuff into our Prius, we loaded up our roof-top carrier.  We usually only need to use this when we're moving from one house to another, but to save us some mileage, we thought we'd use the car.

Better do it now while the weeds kids fit easily in the backseat...

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