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We're Rooting for You Leia!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We're Rooting for You Leia!

"I was a Geek Pinup Girl!"

Who out there has seen the recent Jenny Craig ads?

My husband saw one of them this past weekend -- I think it was a "targeted" online ad on a health website -- and he couldn't believe it was Carrie Fisher!  We didn't recognize her!  Seriously.

Then this morning during the Rachel Ray Show I saw my first television ad featuring Carrie Fisher.  The commercial, which was a simple interview with Carrie (similar to the video below), was actually kind of dark, but it got me inspired to root for her.  She's brutally honest!

Today, I found a video on YouTube's Jenny Craig channel, and it's worth sharing.  She talks about how she was the Geek Pinup girl of the mid-80s, and has declared that she's going to fit back into that gold metal bikini with Jenny's help!

So who's with me!  Go Carrie! Go Carrie!

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