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Friday, June 12, 2009


Tomorrow morning we leave on vacation.

"Whoo hoo! It's about friggin' time! You haven't really had a real vacation in a couple years, have you?"

No, I guess not. We had that fabulous trip to Fort Fisher/Kure Beach, NC back in July 2007. That was a really fun time, the most relaxed I'd ever been, I think. Andy and Suzy are really good at relaxing and worked wonders on me!

Sometimes if I wonder if spending 2 weeks with parents, siblings, aunts and uncles really constitutes a "vacation". I know for the boys it will definitely be a "vacation" -- seeing all 4 grandparents and their cousins will be such a treat. Especially my side of the family, since they haven't seen my parents since Memorial Day weekend of last year, and my sister's family since last July.

So today I'm busily packing, straightening up the house, mowing the lawn extra short, cleaning out the fridge and doing those other little things that you want taken care of before you leave the house empty for 16 days. I'm taking a much-needed break right now to vegge on the couch and write about this.

Our plans are to drive for 2 days straight, this Saturday and Sunday. We hope to get to Fremont, OH by Saturday night, where we have a hotel reservation, and then on Sunday, go from Fremont to Dave's parents house on Long Island. I-80 all the way. Dave and I aren't really looking forward to plowing through Iowa, Illinois and offense to those from those great states, but it's not going to be very interesting to us.

We received an invitation from Andy and Suzy (the ones mentioned above from our Fort Fisher trip) to join them at a camp site they'll be at in Indiana this weekend. On Lake Michigan. We think it'll be close enough off I-80 that we could perhaps stop for a late lunch. We'll see.

So we plan to spend 4-5 days in New York, with plans to hit the beach and New York City while there. Then we'll go to Pennsylvania for Father's Day weekend, which is the traditional weekend for the Vollmer Family Reunion. Last summer I realized I didn't blog about any of it, only about the piece of tire that destroyed the front grill of our Prius in Richmond, VA.

The Vollmer Reunion (there are actually other families than just "Vollmers" involved, since they married other families and they are all welcome) has been something I've been able to be part of since 1994. That summer, Dave invited me down from my summer semester at PSU to join him. I can't believe I've been going to "Uncle Jack's Farm" for 15 years now! Of course, Dave has been going since -- well, since forever! It's really touching seeing our boys experience the same things that Dave was able to when he was the same age: Uncle Jack's sheep, the merry-go-round, the peanut toss, the hay rides!

After the reunion weekend, we plan to go from PA down to my parents' house in West Virginia by dinnertime, so we can take my Dad out to dinner. I'm excited that we have a chance to spend Father's Day with both Dave's Dad and my Dad...perhaps a first! My parents now live just over 2 hours from where the reunion will be, they moved from VA to WV last summer.

We'll spend the rest of our time at my parents' house, where we have trips to Hersheypark and Washington, D.C. planned. I'd like to take the boys to the Air and Space Museum on the National Mall (we went to the Udvar-Hazy Center at Dulles Airport last summer).

Then we drive back the weekend of the 27th, and we're planning another stop with Andy and Suzy and we'll spend a day in Dayton, OH. We always enjoy Dayton (Dave and I were stationed there in 2000-2002 and had a wonderful time!). We should be home the night of the 28th.

For the next couple weeks I'll probably be doing short little posts like the ones I did last summer during our move between NC and NE. The boys and I have been discussing which states we'll travel through between here and NY, so I'll be making a point to photograph all the "Welcome" signs for each of the states: Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Ta! We'll try to stay safer than last summer!

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