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Can We Say "True Love?"

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Can We Say "True Love?"

Timmy REALLY loves his little Webkinz puppy, named Thomas. This was Timmy's first Webkinz, we got him at the end of the boys' preschool year, about a year ago. Thomas has traveled with Timmy all over the place: Timmy sleeps with Thomas, takes him to child care on each day that he goes -- for naptime, and Thomas has appeared in pictures throughout the past can see the dates on the links below each picture.  I wish you could see how progressively grubby this dog is becoming...he's been markered-upon, snotted-upon, thrown-up-on, and chocolated.

From 2008 05 25 ColonialWilliamsburgWithGrandmaGrandpaFox

From 2008 06 21 DriveToPA_Beilers_ThomasStrasburg

From 2008 06 21 DriveToPA_Beilers_ThomasStrasburg

From 2008 06 21 DriveToPA_Beilers_ThomasStrasburg

From 2008 08 12 JacobFirstDayOfKindergarten

From 2009 05 03 OmahaZoo

Last summer I let the boys decorate t-shirts for fun -- Jacob did his own t-shirt, but Timmy dictated what he wanted on his shirt. "Mommy, I want a sand castle, and a happy sun and a crab family." I did my best to accomodate him. Here's a trip down memory lane with the t-shirts:

From 2008 06 15 HandmadeShirts

From 2008 06 15 HandmadeShirts

From 2008 06 15 HandmadeShirts

So (and here's my point), I came across a stray green t-shirt when I was changing the boys' clothes from winter to summer. I probably picked up the shirt in 2008 sometime, it's kelly green and I probably planned to do something St. Patricks-ey, but I can't remember. Timmy saw the plain shirt and asked if we could paint another picture, and I thought that would be fun.

This morning I set up things for Timmy to paint the shirt and once again he asked me if I could do the painting. He asked for a picture of him hugging his Thomas Webkinz. I couldn't do that...but I attempted a picture of just Thomas. Then Timmy asked me to write "I Love Thomas" on the shirt. Here is the end result:

From 2009 05 13 Timmy Tshirt

I am NOT an artist at all, so this is super-corny, but Timmy thinks it's great! The letters are actually a gold glitter paint, as it dried the opaque liquid gave way to just plain gold glitter. I think once the face dries I'll fill it in with some of that gold paint like the body.

So there you have it -- my baby LOVES his puppy dog and Mommy isn't much of an artist.

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At Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 6:01:00 AM CDT , Blogger Maryann Goldman said...

Oh, the puppy on the shirt is SO cute!

At Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 11:53:00 AM CDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are much more an artist than I am. I think the puppy is adorable!!


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