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Since when is KFC the authority on family values?

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Since when is KFC the authority on family values?

Bring Back Dinner <-- Click the link to see more! This isn't meant to specifically pick on KFC. I don't mind the occasional (read: 1-2 times per year) fried chicken dinner from a no-kidding friend chicken establishment. (But I'd prefer to go here.)

I've been seeing KFC's TV ads about how they can help you re-establish those good-old-fashioned daily family dinners. I admire the company's attempts. I also have sympathy for families who are attempting to balance the kids' busy schedules, the parents' work schedules and the need for sustenance.

But there's something about suggesting that KFC at the dinner table is the definition of "family dinner". It just doesn't seem the same...

I have a serious soapbox about kids' fitness and kids' weight. I'm not the model mother, I'm not super-organic, zero transfat, 8-10 servings of fruits and veggies kind of gal by any stretch. I consider myself a moderate...for the most part, my kids have a healthy diet. And it's important to me they get lots of playtime...and Jake's starting to venture into organized sports, and I'm thrilled he's enjoying his soccer.

Many times over the years since Jacob was born, I've seen Jacob and Timmy show interest in a particular food or dish. Let's start with Kids' Cuisine:

I consider this the first food that Jake "noticed" at the grocery store. You know what I mean -- he's about 2 years old, I'm pushing him in the cart, and we're in the frozen foods section. He sees the cartoon character and starts asking for it.

So I get it for him.

And he loves it!

And he asks for it again...and again...and again.

And I want to see my little boy happy, so I'm happy to get it again, especially when it's on sale for $0.99 apiece at Super WalMart!

Well, in my opinion, these meals are pretty gross. So after a few weeks of this [no, I wasn't giving these to him every single day -- probably 2-3 times per week, though!] it was high time Jake started eating the family dinners, so it was right about when Timmy was born that I started my "Mom can make anything from scratch" campaign.

Starting with Betty Crocker home-baked macaroni and cheese and hand-breaded, baked chicken nuggets. (Pictures are representative only, not my own!)

"Mommy, I don't like this!"

Let the games begin!

...To be continued! I'm tired!

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