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Glitch: Where Webkinz Meets Dr. Seuss in The Shire!

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Glitch: Where Webkinz Meets Dr. Seuss in The Shire!

The GeekMoms drew me into this new world of video gaming: the MMORPG.

"The WHAT?"

I know, many of my readers (hi Mom and Dad!) may not have heard that term, so allow me to educate you.  MMORPG = Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.

A couple fellow GeekMoms got to be alpha- and beta-testers for this new game called Glitch.  It went public on September 27th, and is amazingly addictive!  If you know a player, you can get in pretty quickly, but if not, it's about a 48-hour wait for the official invitation once you give them your e-mail address.

Once you're in, you choose your avatar, undergo a little keyboard/mouse-ology on how to navigate the Glitch-world, and then you're set out into the wild.

Like Webkinz, you're responsible for the care and feeding of your avatar (grow/buy food, earn money, make a living, get educated, get a house, etc.), and the visuals are similar to an elaborate Dr. Seuss novel!

I set up two accounts, one is my own avatar, and the other is one that the boys can use (I control the login and password, of course!)

Here's my Glitch window from this morning.  Impressive that this is all web-based, so I can play from anywhere (dangerous!).  I'm standing in the center of the space, with my dusty-rose colored hair and all.  My name is "Scruffette" (Jacob's idea), and you can see here that I'm chatting with fellow GeekMom "ChaosMandy" in a window on the right.  she was giving me some help with how to earn enough money to buy a house.
Check out GeekMom Lissa's review of the game, she was a beta-tester and is now on level 10,000 or something like that now....



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