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Florida Discoveries 10: Dr. Beal's Shell Museum

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Florida Discoveries 10: Dr. Beal's Shell Museum

I call it "Pulling a Maryann".  I see something while driving down the road, so I pull over and take some pictures.

When it's in my neighborhood, that's one thing.  I don't have many problems doing that when I see some pretty flowers.  But today I screeched onto the shoulder off Highway 98 (4-lane, speed limit 55) to get pictures of this building and the historic marker in front of it.  It's a little scary doing ANYTHING other than driving in a straight line, eyes on the road, when on U.S. 98 between the base and Navarre.

But I've been wanting to learn more about this building and today I finally had the time to do it.  It's right on the Santa Rosa County/Okaloosa County line on the north side of U.S. 98.

This is a house that looks seriously out of place on the highway.  It really stuck out and I wondered why it was there.  There are businesses near it, and you can see the recently built homes behind it (on the left edge of the picture).  I don't lose sleep about it or anything, just an observation.

About 2 weeks ago a blue historical marker appeared.  Today I decided to check it out and here's what I learned:

Unfortunately, I can't find anything else about this building or Dr. Beal.  The Summerhouse Restaurant is now closed.  There's a Beal Blvd. in Fort Walton Beach, likely named after this guy.

Here are other pictures of the house that I took today.  

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At Saturday, May 21, 2011 at 11:52:00 PM CDT , Blogger redi2go_now said...

Hi Patricia! Your little "excursion" and discovery reminded me of something I did a LONG, LONG time ago...I did some Googling and found what became of the Rice's Fossil Pit in Hampton (a pleasant reminder of the NPS Field Lighthouse Program):

Anyway I hope they'll put a historical marker on or near the site of the Fossil Pit, as it was quite an interesting landmark...Enjoy!

At Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 4:42:00 AM CDT , Blogger Major Mom said...

I remember the fossil pit too (as a Girl Scout in Norfolk), and the NPS Field Lighthouse program! I'm tickled that last week my oldest son was accepted into our local school system's version of Field Lighthouse!

I might have to share this web page with my friends who also experienced the Fossil Pit! Thanks...


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