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It's a GREAT DAY in the Vollmer House

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's a GREAT DAY in the Vollmer House

After some 3 years of trying, Jacob finally got the hang of riding his bike! He said that the hills in Nebraska made it really hard, and to be honest, he simply wasn't as interested. But with only about 2 minutes of holding on, he took off with ease this morning!

We are SO PROUD of him! Family bike rides, here we come!

Now to figure out what Timmy wants to do next. He got really upset during all of this, sobbing in the garage. Not sure if it's envy of riding with no training wheels, or envy of the positive attention Jacob was getting. I think Timmy can do this quite easily, he's always ridden his bike with more speed and confidence than Jacob.

Stay tuned!

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