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Timmy With His "Baby"

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Timmy With His "Baby"

Timmy has recently started asking me to swaddle his favorite Webkinz, Thomas the Yellow Lab. I give him a nice tightly bundled Thomas right before bed every night and he cradles him like a baby.

So tonight I gave the boys a digital photo album tour of when they were swaddled as babies:

This is possibly the only picture I have of Jacob successfully swaddled. He couldn't stand it! In a matter of minutes he'd wriggle out and arm or a leg.

Timmy, on the other hand, LOVED it. Perhaps it's because Timmy was born in January and it was a little chillier...yes, even in Florida. Both boys were born in Melbourne, FL.

One of the bazillion differences between my two boys...enjoy!



At Friday, September 26, 2008 at 11:17:00 AM CDT , Blogger Southern Girl said...

How adorable of Timmy! Grayson played baby for several months earlier this year. Didn't want US to have a baby though (thank goodness). It was so very sweet!!

Grayson as a baby loved being held closely but not so much being swaddled. He was like Jacob where all of a sudden a leg or arm was out!


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