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Hi Southern Girl!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hi Southern Girl!

I'm excited that another one of my friends has made the jump to the dark side. Southern Girl is one of the Original Playgroup* Mom friends from when I first moved to North Carolina in July 2005.

She's your classic North Carolina-born-and-bred lady, and her storytelling is all the proof you need that's she's a Southern Belle through and through.

I'll definitely miss her from way out here in Nebraska, and it's made my day that she now has a blog.

*History lesson: I call it the "Original Playgroup". When I first moved into our NC neighborhood, the first thing I did when we were over the unpacking stresses was take our boys to the neighborhood pool. This was about a week after our furniture was delivered. Within an hour I meet Dawn and her two sons who were the same ages as my two sons. Within another hour the boys and I are invited to join Dawn and several other neighborhood Moms of 2-3 year olds in a once-per-week playgroup. Through this playgroup I also met Wendy, Southern Girl, Julie and Carrie. We've watched our kids grow up together since summer 2005 and I'm glad for e-mail and blogging to keep up from across the country.

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