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So What's Up With This New Look?

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So What's Up With This New Look?

"Why the new look, Major Mom?"

Many of you have known of my quest to find a blog layout that took advantage of the space on the left AND right sides. As much as I enjoyed the color schemes in the previous layout, enough was enough.

When Dave started putting together his new train blog, he was exploring the Blogspot layouts and came across several layouts that included a "stretch" variation.

So I reached out and grabbed one of those. There's a little bit that I still need to get used to, and once I have my desktop computer back in a couple weeks (our goal is a 1-2 August delivery in Nebraska), I can pretty things up a little more.

I like the ability to make my pictures appear a little bigger, and hopefully you don't have to scroll as much to read my pontifications... :-D

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