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Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

Hi! This weekend Dave and I have been doing some web rearranging. His Model Railroading website is very very popular among others in the hobby, generating over 1000+ hits per week! Up until recently, another PRR Model RR fan had been graciously hosting Dave's website, but recently some changes to Mr. Britton's servers have made it hard for Dave to keep up remotely.

So this weekend we took the plunge and purchased a domain and hosting capability of our very own. $60 per year through InMotion Hosting. Feel free to visit at your leisure, although most of what you're going to see is already on my blog, and are otherwise links to other websites Dave and I have floating around.

Owning our own domain is pretty nifty, with the ability to put up shopping carts and credit card transaction capabilities, as well as up to 1000 e-mail addresses. For fun, I set up but don't bother sending me anything there -- I'll rarely check it. I'm trying to get it to redirect into my AOL account.

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