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"MOMMY! I 'need' you."

You're About to be Redirected to the New Home of Ground Control to Major Mom: "MOMMY! I 'need' you."

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

"MOMMY! I 'need' you."

Timmy's new mantra. He's my 2-year-old. Starting about a week ago he decided he could say this and I'd pick him up. He'd been on an independent streak until recently -- now he wants to be held all the time and I'm just not into that anymore. He's almost 3 years old (end of January), and he had gone months NOT wanting to be held all the time. I guess I had felt used to it.

What makes it all the more emotional for me is how he actually says "Mommy, I need you." as he extends his hands out for me.

Things were much easier with convincing Jacob to walk on his own, my ob ordered me to not carry anything over 20 lbs. in my 3rd trimester with Timmy because of sciatica. He said "Especially don't carry Jake.". Jacob is from the school of hard knocks.

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