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Packing Progress

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Packing Progress

The movers are here -- they're packing up.  It's a slow start, since it took some time to bring in all the packing materials.  One of the guys had just rolled in this morning from a delivery to Arkansas -- so he's nursing the cans of Rock Star while he packs.  So far they seem to be thorough.

I think the head packer is nervous about getting this done in time for the truck on Friday.  There are two guys here today, he's asking for two more tomorrow.

The Do Not Pack room has been obviously marked.  But they aren't on the top floor of the house quite yet.

From 2010 11 11 PCS2010

As for the Do Not Pack signs I had the boys cut out for me, you can see them in practice here:
From 2010 11 11 PCS2010

From 2010 11 11 PCS2010
From 2010 11 11 PCS2010

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