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Happy Mickey Birthday!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Mickey Birthday!

From 2010 01 23 Timmy's Mickey Mouse 5th Birthday Cake

This is Timmy's birthday cake (duh!). Due to a series of unfortunate events, Timmy's birthday was reduced to having a friend over for cake and ice cream after dinner tonight. We were planning a trip to the local indoor water park with the same friend, but we have some behavior issues earlier this month and Timmy lost that privilege. We may go later this winter, just not as a birthday thing.

I was thrilled that this cake was made with materials I had in the house already, from the cake mix and powdered sugar for the icing, to the colors and cake pans. The weather has been so absolutely lousy, I've only been heading out for essential errands, such as taking the boys to/from school and picking up groceries about every 4 days. Non-essential shopping trips and visits to the gym have dwindled down to a minimum.

Click on the link underneath picture to see the full album that covers some of the steps taken to make this cake.

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