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Sunday, February 3, 2008


*okay friends, name the film!

Okay, I'll have to admit I wasn't too thrilled with Eli Manning's draft stunt in the 2004 draft. As many of you know, I have this...THING...for Kerry Collins. Not really a crush, it's not like I have lustful dreams about him (he's married too!), but let's just say that I'm happy when he does well, and get pretty pissed when he's not doing well -- whether in his football or otherwise.

If I remember correctly, the San Diego Chargers had picked Eli first, then traded him to NY for Philip Rivers (Go Pack!) and the opportunity to be #1 pick the following year. I remember news footage of a less-then-happy Eli holding up Chargers jersey, and an absolutely-thrilled Eli with the Giants jersey. Something like that. Remember, I'm just a girl, so I've probably fouled up that entire explanation.

Kerry Collins, the NY Giants starting QB, ended up leaving the team and going to Oakland for the 2004-2005 year, where I believe he was 2nd string to Drew Bledsoe at first. I didn't find any of that very fair, and I directed that disappointment towards Eli. Dave doesn't think I'm being fair. He's probably right.

Tonight was the most exciting Super Bowl I'd seen in years, though. And Eli was certainly deserving of some of the glory! As you've noticed, though, I posted a picture of another key to their win tonight: Plaxico Burress, a former Steeler! Caught the touchdown pass on their last score. He was amazing!

PS: I just read that Kerry Collins has a 1500 acre ranch about an hour west of here, in Asheboro, NC. Cool!

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At Monday, February 4, 2008 at 7:22:00 PM CST , Blogger Susie PSU said...

I admit, I like Eli Manning a LOT more than the dude for the patriots who has the kid. Eli and Payton, both. But Payton is hotter.

At Monday, February 4, 2008 at 7:32:00 PM CST , Blogger Major Mom said...

Hear hear on both counts, Susie PSU! Eli is a good kid and doesn't father children he doesn't have time for because it's football season. And Peyton is definitely nice on the eyes. Dave and I are "anyone but the Patriots" fans.


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